For escort agencies who don’t rank well

Escort Agency SEO Audit

For escort agencies who are not currently ranking where they think they should we offer an seo and site performance audit service. We will look at all the various elements of your agency and it’s promotion now and in the past as well as in comparison to your direct competitors and advise on any changes necessary in order to perform better.

For an escort agency to perform well there are a number of different factors to consider. We look at all of them to get a picture of how improvements can be made and what you need to focus on.

We look at the behind the scenes things like the structure of the website itself IE: how your website designer actually designed and programmed the code of your site to the layout and navigation of the site. URL structure – are all your URLs search engine friendly, do you have any duplicate pages, is your robots text correct, does your sitemap help navigation, are any pages blocked from Google bots, do you have the correct title and description tags, are they too long or short and so on.

We also look at your back link profile to see if you have any infected links, spammy links, low volume links or low quality links or even unrelated links. We look at your anchor text you use when you link and how often you gain new links and how many links have been deleted over a period.

The content of your website is extremely important so we look at the quality and volume of unique text you have on your site and how it relates to the subject of each page.

These are just a few of the things we will scrutinize when we perform an audit on the performance of your escort agency but one very important factor that we consider through all of these different aspects is how they relate to your competitors. Everything is compared to your competitors because in order to rank well in the search engines, you must always out-perform the highest ranking site.

Clients who request a full audit of their escort agencies will receive in depth reports and advice detailing our findings. You may find that there is a problem with the structure of your website that you never noticed before which is affecting your performance or you may find that your seo strategy is perfect but your competitor is simply doing more of it than you. Unless you audit your escort agency, you will always be second guessing.

Each full escort agency audit is £150 which can be redeemed against the first month’s SEO fee should you choose to engage us to undertake your seo. Why not speak with our in-house SEO doctor and rev up your rankings in the search engines.

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