Escort writing

Stop getting your writing done in India!

The written content on your escort website goes a long way to determining your positions within the search engines. Many escort agencies overlook this fact and concentrate on the design and their galleries and whilst, yes, these are important, equal, if not more, importance should be placed on the quality and volume of text on each page.
There are different areas within each website that require different types of writing.

Writing for location pages

There are location pages where the text helps the page rank well for each individual location the escort site covers. We would expect to write around 500+ words on each page. Anything less is not really going to help. The text should also be optimised for the search term that you want to rank as well as being written with good grammar, good spelling and in accordance with the Flesch- Kincaid reading ease formula.

Bio text writing

The Bio text for each individual escort has to be written to achieve two goals. The first is to help the page rank well for its chosen search term and the second is to entice the visitor to make a booking. The written content of the profile should be as appealing and alluring as the images of the escort herself in order to encourage bookings.

Blog writing

Most escort related sites have blogs nowadays which are effective in providing fresh new content on pages where the main content may be static. Google loves fresh content and our blog writing services provide written pieces over 500 words in length and are related to current affairs or trending subjects that we weave into the escort theme. Our blogs also keep visitors on your site and through their regularity and choice of interesting subjects, they keep your visitors coming back for more.

There are, of course, many different companies and individuals that offer an escort or adult related writing service however few pay attention to optimisation of the text and fewer still, have the ability to make the text flow the way it should. Much of the writing that we see on escort related websites reads like it has been written by someone who is not an English native speaker. Sentences are stilted and incorrect grammar is used and some are just plain confusing!

Our escort writing is undertaken by an English person with previous work experience within the field of Journalism so you can rest assured that your escort writing will be well written, optimised as required and interesting to read and, of course, each piece will be written uniquely for you.
Prices start from just £7 per page and bulk orders are welcomed. You do not need to use our SEO services and can simply order a few pages of text as required. Contact us with details of the texts you need and one of our team will get straight back to you.


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